Delilah's PT 
   April 2005
   Old-time nickelodeon
   montage. Very fun!

  Justice and his Goats
   2008 Sheltie Nationals

   Delilah's run at 2008
   Sheltie Nationals

Justice AKC PT    Oct 2008

  Shillelagh's Burlesque (Zelda) and
  Shillelagh's Excalibur (Sabre)
  6-months-old working sheep
  (More play than work!)
  YouTube video
  August 6, 2011

  Justice HS Title on Sheep
  August 11, 2012

  Ticket on Ducks (YouTube Video)
  7 mos Old
  July 19, 2013

  Keeper on Sheep

  Agility Photos

  Delilah - NA, NAJ, OA, 2 OAJ Legs, 2 AX Legs
  2 NAP Legs April 2009
  2 NJP Legs April 2009

  Uncontrollable thyroid problems brought
  Delilah's beautiful agility career to a stop   
  in   2010

  Justice - NA, NAJ 
  OA & OAJ  Titles on November 26th, 2011

    Obedience Photos 

  Veteran's Open Obedience First Place  
  PPOC 10/3/09

  1st Place "Open A"
  PPOC October 2009

  Justice CDX Title
  Pueblo - November 2009

  Justice U-CDX Title
  Arapahoe County- Nov 2009

  Thunder Beginner Novice Title
  & 1st CD Leg on the same day!
  June 24th 2012