U-CD U-CDX Faerie's Shillelagh Law - Justice CD CDX  PT NA NAJ

NAJ Title - September 2010
NA Title - September 2010 
2 Owner handled AKC HS legs on sheep
     AKC     August 2010
WD - March 2010 UKC

UCDX Leg Arapahoe County November 2009
U-CDX Title Arapahoe County November 2009
CDX Leg Pueblo 11/2009
CDX Title Pueblo 11/2009
CDX Leg PPOC 10/3/09
UCDX Leg High Plains 3/9/09
RWD at SCKC November 2008
In the ring twice for AKC PT
In the ring 3 times to AKC- CD
In the ring 3 times to UKC-CD
A Herding Leg at Nationals
A CD Obedience Leg at Nationals
A Breed placement at Nationals

This boy just steps in the ring and qualifies!


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